Hair Loss

Do Something About Your Hair Loss

Everyone loses hair, and it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs every day. However, if you start to see bald patches or thinning on your head, you may be experiencing hair loss. It can affect just your scalp or your entire body. It is a concern for women, men, and children. Hair loss has many causes, it can be a result of stress, hormonal changes, medications, medical conditions, or heredity. Hereditary hair loss is the most common cause. Factors such as age, significant weight loss, diabetes, and lupus can increase your risk of hair loss. Hair loss has many different signs, depending on what’s causing it.

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5 Things You Never Knew About Tummy Tucks

As you get older, parts of your body start to age and show such signs as a sagging tummy. You always wanted to wear slim-fitting outfits and you never bought those fearing your protruding stomach/skin would hang out.  Then why not get something done to improve your appearance and confidence. Below are five facts you should know regarding the Tummy Tuck procedure, AKA the Abdominoplasty:


  1. It involves a simple surgical procedure.  If one does not have a fat deposit in the stomach region, this simple procedure will do.  It will give you better results. This procedure is not only related to female beauty.
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Restless Legs Syndrome Explained

What is it?

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a neurological disorder. It is uncontrollable and urges your legs to move. The urge to move the legs may occur either in the evening or in the night time. The patient during these times feels uncomfortable while sitting or lying down. Moving the legs may help to ease the unpleasant feeling for some time. It is also referred to as Willis Ekbom disease or Sleep disorder disease.


RLS is of two types.

  1. Primary RLS – It is a condition associated with the nerves. Many people may experience symptoms during their middle ages.
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6 Tips to Reduce the Sweet Taste of Sugar Cravings

Do you have a sweet tooth but would like to reduce your sugar intake? Join the back of the queue! Or do you have that urge to stuff your mouth with all the sweetness the world has to offer but on a milder dosage? Still at the back of the queue!!

Here are 6 tips to reduce the sweet taste of your sugar cravings.

  1. Add more natural sugars:  Consume foods that curb sugar cravings.  This way you tend to eat less sugar. Artificial sweeteners only increase sugar cravings.  Instead, try natural sugars. Although this may be tough initially, you will gradually begin to appreciate the taste.
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6 Tips to Reduce That Stress

“Stress is something that you cannot get rid of very easily”

People strongly feel that “Unless you don’t find new means to challenge the mind, it will only cease to function beyond its existing abilities”. On the other hand, it is a known fact that stress is the cause of many human disorders. Here is a look at how stress affects a person and brings turmoil to the entire family.

Symptoms and Causes

Some of the common symptoms of stress include:

  • The pulse rate quickens
  • Faster breathing
  • Body tension

These are the primal responses of the body to any kind of stress.

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What are the Potential Benefits of a Weight loss program?

Choosing a safe or perfect weight loss program can be a challenging task sometimes for newbies. Due to poor eating habits, more than 70% of Americans are struggling with obesity-related problems. A majority of Dietitians are advertising lots of weight Loss diet plans in Radio, TV or Newspaper. To maintain health or weight they try to stick with a plan that can be beneficial for you. Talk with a professional dietarian or health care professional because he will figure out the issue. Along with a diet program, you need to do exercise that will burn calories.

Adopt a Genuine weight loss program that can maintain the weight. 

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