Month: October 2019


The Rage Within

Anger can arise in numerous different contexts, such as when we are mistreated or experience unjust treatments, hearing an unwanted criticism, facing obstacles that keep us from accomplishing personal goals, and not getting what we want. Anger can range from mild irritation, frustration, to boiling rage. 

Anger can be a positive emotion because it helps you work through problems. You need anger to take a stand against injustice and unfairness. It tells you when something is not right, and motivates you to take action to correct the issue. However, anger can be destructive if it leads to outburst, physical altercations, or aggression.

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Skin Treatments

Do Something About Your Looks

Everybody wants flawless skin and we have tried every product available to achieve beautiful skin, but sometimes nothing appears to work. However, the following tips may help you tackle your skin issue and help you get that glowing skin you have always dreamt of.   

Know what your skin needs

One of the most important things before you start your skincare journey is to understanding and getting to know your skin type. Many people are unaware and misinformed. They use products and do things that are actually bad for their skin. Using the wrong products can compromise your skin’s natural balance and cause irritation, inflammation, breakouts, and premature aging.

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