5 Things You Never Knew About Tummy Tucks

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As you get older, parts of your body start to age and show such signs as a sagging tummy. You always wanted to wear slim-fitting outfits and you never bought those fearing your protruding stomach/skin would hang out.  Then why not get something done to improve your appearance and confidence. Below are five facts you should know regarding the Tummy Tuck procedure, AKA the Abdominoplasty:


  1. It involves a simple surgical procedure.  If one does not have a fat deposit in the stomach region, this simple procedure will do.  It will give you better results. This procedure is not only related to female beauty. It is highly suitable for men.  The tone of the abdomen region will become firm and slim.  
  2. The standard and detailed procedure is not the only solution. Various types are available depending on one’s body condition and requirement. 
    • In some cases you may have only negligible loose skin (or) loose skin just around the belly button – doctors advise only to have a mini tummy tuck.  It is a much simpler procedure than the standard procedure.
    • One can also opt for a traditional procedure for the upper and lower abdomen.  The incision is made beneath the bikini line which will be hidden.
    • When the abdominal region is more extensive than hips, the fatty tissues are removed through a vertical incision. 
    • The mini surgical procedure involves just a small incision.  When done near to the belly button it will not be visible. For the more significant procedures, you will have scars.  However, applying moisturizer will help it to heal eventually over a period of 10 to 12 months. Choosing an experienced medical professional will help to reduce visible marks of the skin after the procedure.
  3. One can lead a normal life after the procedure. Your doctor will advise when you will be able to start rigorous physical exercises again after the procedure and follow their advice closely. In the case of a mini procedure, the average recovery time is just two weeks.
    • Bruises and skin changes fade over time. There is no need to worry about permanent marks.  The temporary pain, numbness and minor discomforts due to the procedure, slowly disappear as the body adjusts to life after the procedure. It usually takes around four weeks to recover. You will have a review visit with your doctor in 3 or 4 months.  
    • During the recovery period, you will have to follow a few pieces of advice from the doctor. You will restrict yourself from lifting heavy weights, driving, cleaning and other strenuous jobs.  Never forget that the final results you get are rewarding and the pain will only last for a short period of time.
    • This simple procedure can relieve you from back pain that you may have been suffering for years.  You can be assured of a better posture. There is a type of Hernia called Ventral Hernia. It happens when a sack is formed due to intestinal tissue breaking through the abdominal wall. It can easily be corrected with this type of surgery.
    • If the fat deposit is in the lower section of your body, you can opt for belt Lipectomy. The parts below the beltline such as thigh will become well-shaped.   
    • The important thing is not to listen to negative people around you who may unnerve you regarding the procedure and pain associated with it. 
  4. In case you cannot undergo the procedure, belts provide an alternative.  The belt is made of soft nylon. One can wear it around the stomach region.  It will reduce the fat deposits of the stomach region. As a result, one’s stomach pulls inwards.  You can only wear it for just ten minutes each day, and you get a slim look. However, remember going in for a procedure is more effective than the belt.
  5. If at some stage you wish to get pregnant after the procedure there will be no issues. However, loose skin and the fat deposits would form which will remove the results of the procedure.  You are better off to have a baby before you get this procedure so the results will be long-lasting. 

BONUS FACT! The Tummy Tuck procedure is extremely popular among so-called ‘Medical Tourists’, who travel abroad for plastic surgeries in search of cheap prices at high standards, whilst being surrounded by a holiday setting. To understand more about how a Tummy Tuck procedure abroad differs from one at home, read this article.